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An introduction to Crafting Part 3: Tiers Explained

Lotro has a leveling system for crafting. This system is made out of two parts:

  • Ranks
  • Tiers

The tiers are the level part of the crafting system, while the ranks are well, the ranks. The ranks are divided in Proficient (first rank) and Master (second rank).

The Basics
Crafting ButtonFirst, let’s take a look at the basics. When you haven’t chosen a vocation yet, you can still access the crafting screen. Just push the button as shown on the left in your left menu bar. Clicking the button will give you the following screen:

Crafting Screen without Vocations

Crafting panel without Vocations

As you can see, it’s empty. Now, remember this screen. Just in case you also like to play PvMP, you’ll notice in the image above, Monster Players are not allowed craft vocations and thus you will get the same screen when accessing the crafting panel as a monster player. Now, when you have chosen a vocation, your crafting panel will look like this:

Crafting Panel Woodsman

Crafting Panel Woodsman

As you can see, this is the Crafting panel for the Woodsman vocation with three tabs for each profession. There’s a bar next to the word apprentice:

Proficiency Bar unfilled

Proficiency Bar unfilled

This bar is your progress bar so to speak. With each item you make, your progress bar will fill a bit. When you select an item in the list of recipes, you’ll not only see the exact recipe to make the item, but you’ll also how much experience you receive when you make the item:

Experience Example

Experience Example

In the above example (from the Farmer profession) you see that with each Longbottom Leaf Field you make, you’ll earn 6 experience points. This will fill your proficiency bar. Once you’ve made enough items, you’ll have reached the Proficient rank of your tier and you can progress to the Master rank. In your Crafting panel, you can see bronze anvil filled and a new bar that works towards a golden anvil. You’ll also get the message that you’ve reached proficiency in your crafting:


Masterbar unfilled

Craft Proficiency

Craft Proficiency

Once you’ve reached the Master rank, the golden anvil will be filled as well.

Master Anvil also filled

Craft Mastery

With each rank you reach, you will get a new title. You can find the specific titles in the respective guides.
When you’ve achieved the Proficient rank, the next tier becomes available. You can choose to either work towards mastery of your current tier to be able to make items with a chance of critical success or you can progress with the next tier. The critical success varies per recipe and there are many different items which can help you gain critical success. In each respective guide I’ll go deeper into the subject of critical success.
Once you’ve achieved mastery of your current tier, you will not gain any more experience points for that tier. On the other hand, reaching mastery of the current tier opens up the possibility of starting mastery of the next tier.

The Tier system in Lotro works like leveling systems in many other games. With each new tier that comes available, you’ll gain new recipes for better items. Currently Lotro knows 8 tiers in which you can each reach the Proficient rank and Master Rank. Here’s an overview of all the tiers with the experience points per rank needed.

# Tier Tier Name Points for Proficient Rank Points for Master Rank Total Points to complete tier
1 Apprentice 200 400 600
2 Journeyman 280 560 840
3 Expert 360 720 1080
4 Artisan 440 880 1320
5 Master 520 1040 1560
6 Supreme 600 1200 1800
7 Westfold 680 1360 2040
8 Eastemnet 760 1520 2280

With the first three level, you need to keep the following in mind: you cannot start a new tier if you haven’t reached the proficient rank in the current tier.
To be able to start the Artisan Tier you first need to do a certain quest. This quest is specific for each profession, so you’ll find more information about these quests in each respective guide. Once you’ve opened up the Artisan Tier, you’ll be able to open up the other tiers like before: simply become proficient in your current level to start your next level.

Once you’ve become an expert in your profession, you have the possibility to join a guild. More about that, you’ll find in “An Introduction to Crafting Part 4: Crafting Guilds“.

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