Crafting Tips & Tricks

Vault Storage & Free to play

Vault Storage & Free to play

I thought it was time to give you a tip about storage, specifically Vault Storage in relation to crafting and free to play. Lotro has several storage options. The main is of course your inventory, but there’s another one which is very important, especially for crafters and that’s the vault. When you start out in […]

Helm’s Deep: Changes for Crafting

Helm’s Deep: Changes for Crafting

As promised I’d make a short series about the changes that Helm’s Deep brings. This is the third installment of that series. These are the Crafting changes which we’ll have as of November 18th. New Crafting Tier Earlier, I already said I expected we would get a new crafting tier, which of course I already […]

Preparing for Helm’s Deep: Crafting

Hey all, As you know I love to craft and quest and roam around the country. With Helm’s Deep Release a little over 5 weeks away, I thought I’d better look into some preparations for the release. Granted, currently I’m no way near Rohan, but still, I guess there are a few things we can […]

Crafting tip for free players

Hey all, If you’re a free player like me, there are a few things to take into consideration when you’re going to craft: Inventory Bags Vault Upgrade Currency Cap Alts Let’s run by them one at a time. Inventory Bags As a free player you’ll get 3 bags (bag 1, 2 and 3) with a […]

An introduction to Crafting Part 6: Crafting and Character leveling

In “An introduction to Crafting Part 0: Why Craft” I explained one of the reasons to craft is that with crafting you’ll also gain experience points for your character level. Let’s look at that more in-depth. With everything you do, you’ll gain points. When making recipes, extracting ores, retrieving artifacts and chopping branches you’ll get […]

Introduction to Crafting series now complete!

Hey all, I’ve finally finished the Introduction to Crafting series. The complete series: Introduction to Crafting Part 0: Why Craft Introduction to Crafting Part 1: The Basics Introduction to Crafting Part 2: Choosing a vocation Introduction to Crafting Part 3: Tiers Explained Introduction to Crafting Part 4: Crafting Guilds Introduction to Crafting Part 5: The […]

Crafting Tip: Timing your farming

Crafting Tip: Timing your farming

Hey all, For all those farmers amongst I have a tip that might help you get more produce. Weird as it may sounds, I’ve got a feeling it all has to do with the timing! I know that as there are many players, there are also opinions about this subject. I’m happy to share mine. […]

Small Crafting Tip & Trick

Hey all, I’ve been squashing Brigands today in Green Hill Country in the Shire with Sheherezi. Deeds to finish and fun to have! While beating the brigands I got nice loots, including Crafting scroll cases. So far I found the following scroll cases: Woodworker Apprentice Scroll case Scholar Apprentice scroll case Metalsmith Apprentice scroll case […]