Saeliyagil won Perlino Steed!

Hey all, I’m very happy I checked the lotteries, cause after having submitted Shriya, Sheherezi and Saeliyagil almost at the last moment, it turns out Saeliyagil has won the Perlino steed (Pax Prime Steed 2012)! Isn’t that great? This beautiful steed came with a very appropriate name: Beauty. But it’s so general, I’m considering renaming […]

Rise of Isengard Code give away by Turbine

Hey all, I couldn’t let this opportunity pass by to tell you about the give away of RoI codes by Turbine. All you need to do is retweet (yes via twitter) this exact phrase: New #WHITEHAND sighting! RT this by 2:30PM Eastern for a chance to win 1 of 3 ROI Legendary codes! #LOTRO […]