Grandmaster of the Cooking Guild!

Hey all, Well, Sheherezi has done it! She’s now Grandmaster of the Cooking Guild. Just in time before the Helm’s Deep Expansion. And she’s made extra repasts so that she can start building the new reputation level immediately once the release is done Monday. She’s been hunting for Bounder’s Tokens too, but hardly got any […]

Weekend Increase on drop rate Loot Boxes & My first Bounder Tokens!

Hey all, Turbine has announced the drop rate on Loot boxes has increased for the weekend: Now that’s a nice birthday gift! So today I’m way too busy with everything for my birthday, but tomorrow I’ll be hunting for bounder tokens and lootboxes! Oh, and I won my first bag of bounder tokens!: Sheherezi’s been […]

Finally used my cook for food for my hunter!

Hey all, Well, I finally did it! Although Sheherezi’s cooking skills and famring skills were maxed a long time ago, I had never actually done anything with it. And now I did! I had been looking for something to make sure Shriya (my hunter) would have more survivability when it came to mind that I […]

So much has happened!

So much has happened!

Hey all, It’s been such a long time since I’ve had a chance to send you a letter. So much has happened, it’s simply too much to include it all in a letter. Let me highlight a few things for you! Lissuin Steed You know probably by know that I love to ride ponies. The […]

Master Eastemnet Farmer & Cook!

Master Eastemnet Farmer & Cook!

Hey all, Word has come from the Riders of Rohan. I’ve seen several new people in the Shire, Bree-Land and Ered-Luin and I’ve heard a lot of rumors. Rumors of people having special war steeds which they can take into combat. Now that’s interesting! Don’t get me wrong, I love my ponies, but they refuse […]

Roaming around the country & Mounts!

Roaming around the country & Mounts!

Hey all, Ilse has given me the possibility to send my letters directly to you all, instead of only to her and I’m glad I can do that now. It has been quite a long time since I’ve written about my adventures in Middle-Earth. I have to admit I haven’t adventured that much lately, but […]

Professions to the perfection – almost

Hey Ilse I’ve had a few quiet days in the Shire. I’ve used these days to practice my farming and cooking skills to perfection, well, almost anyway. Now I finally don’t need to buy my food supplies from suppliers or cooking novices. I simply make them myself. How I did that, you ask? Let me […]

Excercising Crafting

Hey Ilse, I was happy to hear that you are doing fine. I hope the weather will be good for you in the coming weeks with everything that you have planned. After the last few eventful days I decided to take it slow today. I still needed to get my cooking stocks back up to […]

Little Delving & Crafting

Hey llse, I’m so glad I’ve finally heard from you! I was beginning to get worried. Postman Newbuck, whom I met in Little Delving today, told me the quick post isn’t working like it used to, like you described in your letter. It must be horrendous to have post delivered back because it supposedly couldn’t […]

On my way back to the Shire

Hey Ilse, Unfortunately I still haven’t heard from you. I’m beginning to think there’s something wrong with the postal service. Despite this feeling I’ll keep continuing writing you letters and I just hope that I’ll find the cause of the problem sometime in the future. As promised earlier, this letter concludes the second part of […]