TP Deeds Reputation

Life of a Bounder Final – 15 TP’s

Earn 15 free Turbine Points with fulfilling 75 quests in the Shire.


Life of a Bounder Advanced – 10 TP

Earn 10 free Turbine Points with fulfilling 40 quests in The Shire.

Friend to the Mathom Society

Earn 10 Turbine Points with reaching Friend Standing with the Mathom House.

The Up-and-Comer – 5TP

Earn 5 free Turbine Points with completing 100 tasks throughout Middle-Earth

Known to the Mathom Society – 5TP

Earn 5 Turbine Points with reaching the Acquaintance Standing with Mathom Society in the Shire

Life of a Bounder – 10 TP

Another free 10 Turbine Points