TP Deeds Reputation – Breeland – Men of Bree

Friend to the Men of Bree – 10 TP

Hey all, Here’s another Reputation deed, again for the Men of Bree. This time you’ll must earn Friend standing with the Men of Bree (30,000 points). Like earlier, you can earn reputation points by doing quests, tasks and handing in Barrow-Treasures and Cardolan Trinkets. Rewards Once you’ve fulfilled this deed, you’ll receive the Title “<name>, […]

Known to the Men of Bree – 5 TP

Hey all, Here’s another deed for free Turbine Points for you. This time it’s a reputation for you. You need to get Known to the Men of Bree to fulfill this deed. This means you have to reach Acquaintance standing with the man of Bree (10,000 points). Gaining Points You can get points by: Doing […]