TP Deeds Reputation – Ered Luin

Defender of Ered-Luin – 10 TP

Hey all, And yet another Deed, this time it’s for doing quests in Ered-Luin. You have to complete 20 quests in Ered-Luin to fulfill this deed. The previous 10 are counted in so you’ll need to complete only 10 more to fulfill this deed. Rewards Once you’ve fulfilled this deed you’ll receive the virtue Compassion¬† […]

Ally of Ered Luin – 10 TP

Hey all, While roaming the lands the last few weeks, I’ve discovered several new deeds for free Turbine Points. The first I’ll show you today is Ally or Ered Luin. This is a rather easy one, especially if you’re already starting out in the Ered Luin with a dwarf or an Elf. You’ll need to […]