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Lotro Store Wishlist

Gathering Turbine Points is all nice, but what to do with these Turbine Points? I’ve got a few ideas! This is my wishlist (yes, I’m aware I’ll never get enough points for all of this with only my characters on the Nimrodel Server, so I use the characters on other servers as well!). For a long time I thought I’d only have everything listed below on my main account, but now that I have a new computer which is so much better than my old one, I can multibox and thus my other accounts can have everything too. Which means I can enjoy the content that much more!

Expansion Packs
As a free player you have access to quests of four regions (Bree-Land, Ered-Luin, Lone-Lands and The Shire). Lone-lands wasn’t originally one of the Free-to-Play areas, but it is now. Although you can access all other areas, you cannot do any quests or deeds from other regions besides the Epic Story. So… Enter the Expansion Packs. The complete expansion packs contain a lot more than just the quests, like extra character slots, the warden and runekeeper class, instances and more! So, naturally I want the complete packs instead of the expansion questpacks 🙂 I’ll have to work very hard to get these, but I don’t mind 🙂

But with those Expansion Packs you don’t have everything yet. There are several quest packs to cover all the missing areas:

  • Eriador Questpack Bundle (3995 TP) which has:
    • Angmar Questpack (level 40 – 52), normal price: 795 TP
    • Enedwaith Questpack (level 60 – 75), normal price: 695 TP
    • Eregion Questpack (level 45 – 55), normal price: 695 TP
    • Evendim Questpack (level 32 – 40), normal price: 595 TP
    • Forochel Questpack (level 39 – 52), normal price: 595 TP
    • Misty Mountains Questpack (level 39 – 50), normal price: 695 TP
    • Northdowns Questpack (level 18 – 40), normal price: 595 TP
    • Trollshaws Questpack (level 30 – 50), normal price: 595 TP
  • Lothlórien Questpack (level 55 – 60) 695 TP
  • Great River (level 72 – 75) 795 TP
  • Wildermore (level 83 – 85) 795 TP

With the Eriador bundle I’ll save 1265 TP (30%). That’s a huge amount of TP, so I’m definitely grinding my TP’s to get this bundle!

For these areas, the same rule applies as for the areas from the Expansion Packs: you can access the areas and fight monsters in them, but you cannot do quests and deeds in them. That’s why I want to buy the questpacks before I venture into these areas. I’d hate it if I’d be slaying monsters just to level and then having to do it all over again because I need the deeds and do the quests. That would be a waste of time.

Other Account Upgrades (since they’re account wide, I call them account upgrades, in the store they may be listed elsewhere):
While Expansion packs  and Quest packs give more content, there are other things that give more… comfort. And of course that’s also great!:

  • 4th Inventory Bag. Although I have freed this for my first three characters, I’d like to have more characters and thus… I need to unlock this bag for future characters, once I get new characters. 995 TP (See the statement about the changed price here.)
  • 5th Inventory Bag. Although I have freed this for my first three characters, I’d like to have more characters and thus… I need to unlock this bag for future characters, once I get new characters. 995 TP
  • 6th Inventory Bag. This is included in the legendary edition of Riders of Rohan. If you don’t have that, you’ll have to pay 995 TP
  • Shared Storage and Shared Wardrobe. This is really handy! Especially the shared storage, since it means you won’t have to mail your items to your characters! Prices vary from 495 TP – 995 TP
  • Currency Cap Removal. If I’m earning more then 5 gold (or 2 with more characters) I’d also like to be able to use it! Price: 395 TP
  • Premium Wallet Upgrade. This is space saving because loads of items that normally go into your inventory (and vault and such) will now go into your wallet and not take that precious space up anymore. Items that would go into your wallet include festival tokens and barter items. This upgrade does NOT include a currency cap removal! Price: 995 TP
  • Character Slots. With a free account you have 2 slots, with a premium account you have 3 slots and with a vip account you have 5 slots. You can, however, have 17 slots in total (per Sapience statement). I’d like to try all classes and combinations so more character slots are better. And then there’s storage… storage and more storage. After all all those crafting materials have to have a place to stay, right?  Price: 595 TP
  • Rune-Keeper & Warden Class. I’d like to be able to play every class possible, so of course I need to buy those too. Per class they cost 795 TP, but as a combination they cost 1295 TP, so I’m gonna try to combo buy these two. It does depend on which I’m able to buy first. The complete Moria expansion has these two classes in the bundle. So, if I’m able to buy the complete expansion, that would be a lot better!
  • Crafting Guild Access. You can level the first two ranks, but after that you need tho buy the access. And as an avid crafter, of course I want to have full access. I’ll start with the first three characters I have and move on to more guilds as I have more characters. Price: 295 TP per crafting guild.
  • Auction House posts. With one month of subscription you get 5 auction house posts, but that’s only for the current characters. So, when I have more characters, I’m gonna buy the auction house posts. In the future this is something I’d like to start using. Price: 95 – 295 TP

Just to be sure the information is still there, just in case Sapience’s post  about the 17 character slots gets deleted in the Lotro forum, here’s the quote:

Aug. 19th, 2010:
Re: Official Discussion: F2P Head start

Quote Originally Posted by Crell_1
Out of curiosity, what is the max number of slots?

Sapience’s Answer:
It’s just mean to make me do math so late in the day.

5 base (VIP)
2 Moria
10 purchasable

17 Total.

Keep in mind that if you purchased the adventurer’s pack, those 2 slots count against the 10 you can purchase. So you would have this breakdown

5 Base (VIP)
2 Moria
2 Adventurer’s pack
8 Purchasable
17 Total

You can mix and match as you wish with F2P and Premium options, but the end result is a cap at 17 characters per account per server.

For now this is my wishlist. I’m sure there’s loads more I’d like to have. Perhaps I’ll list those later, but for now this is it.


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