Sheherezi: enthusiast cook, loves farming, curious, willing to help people, honest, cautious, likes to be dressed well, thinker

Well, hello there, dear Traveler! How nice it is to meet you. I wonder, are you looking for adventures, like I am? Are you an Elf, a Dwarf, a Man or perhaps a Hobbit, like myself? In any case, I think a fair warning is at its place. There’s something evil brewing in our world. I’ve heard tales, I’ve seen some evil things and it’s not good. That much I do know.

About me
Despite the evil that is out there, I decided to go on an adventure of my own. Why, do you ask? Well, before I do tell you that, I should probably tell you a bit about myself. I’m a young hobbit, at least compared to Elves. Compared to Man…. that’s a whole different story. Anyway, I’ve been living a peaceful and quiet life in the Shire, Greenhill Country to be exact. I had my own dwelling, my lovely Hobbit Hole, that was left to me by my parents when they left for a sales journey. They wanted “to explore new sales grounds” way beyond the Shire. Can you imagine that? Well, I couldn’t. That’s why I was perfectly happy to stay in our home, convinced that my parents would one day return. To be honest, I expected them to return home soon, admitting that the journey was too much. But I was wrong.

My parents were real sales people, you know. My father had already been traveling the world before he met my mother and he had told me the most amazing stories when I was a youngster. I have to admit, I always thought they were just stories, nothing more than stories. Entertaining ones, stories that had me dreaming at night about so many things! But still, only stories. Oh, I know, he had found some amazing things on his journeys. Things he had taken home and that had found a permanent place in our home. I had always suspected, though, that these were just figments from his imaginations that he crafted into wood. He was a woodworker, you know. He’d go to the most unusual places to find the best wood.
And my mother? Well, she was a tailor. She used to make my clothes and she did that for many other people as well. She’d search for the best hides and cloths to make her crafted goods the best she could. My father had brought back several things he claimed to have gotten from Elves and Man and even things from Dwarves that she could use. Special recipe, hides and other things from beasts he had met on his journeys and she was only too happy with these things. But I always suspected there was more. She had this little book into which she wrote down loads of things. I had peeked into it one day and I had noticed that not everything was her handwriting. I always suspected the book had belonged to someone else before she had gotten it.

You should know that tailors can make a great deal of things and for some reason my mother had a soft spot for Burglars, so she would help them out when other tailors wouldn’t. One of these Burglars has come to visit me recently. I shall not give you his name, cause he wants to remain anonymously. But I can tell you that he knew about my mothers book. He asked if she had used the book to good extend. I, of course, could only tell him that she wrote down her notes in it and that she had seem to be happy with the book. That seemed to please him. I also told him she and my father were on a journey and that I didn’t know when they’d be back. He didn’t seem to mind though.
He asked me if I could make him a few things, but I’m no tailor or woodworker, you know. I’ve never been interested in those things. I’ve always been interesting in everything that has to do with food. Now, you might not say it when you see me, but I like to eat good. You know, we hobbits eat six times a day and I for one like my meals to be good, healthy and tasty, so I’ll always look for the best ingredients. So, I told this man that I could make him a few meals that he could take on his journey and he was content with that.

In fact, he was so content with what I gave him, that he left me a book as a token of his gratitude! It looked like a story book at first glance. I accepted his gift, although it seemed strange. After all, with everything I already had in my kitchen, it was a small thing to give him some meals that he could use on his journey. So why give me such a big gift in return? But I’ll never refuse a gift, no matter how small or big it may seem.

My journey
I can hear you think. “Why does she tell me about this burglar? After all, what would she want with a thieving man.” Well, my parents always told me never to judge a book by its cover. Someone may look like he’s up to no good, but in the end he might be better than someone who looks like the best catch. See, that’s something I understand. After all, a large fish may seem very good for a meal, but when it’s more bones than meat, you won’t have a good meal, while a smaller fish with less bones might provide you a much better meal.

Anyway, after this man had left, I decided to take a look at the book he gave me. It was weird. At first it really looked like a story book, but as I progressed through the story, I felt more and more like these were actual journals of his journeys. And they were very interesting!

Now, you have to know that we hobbits usually are a folk who stay at home. We usually don’t travel a lot. But… there have been exceptions. My parents, but that was perhaps also because my father always wanted the best wood and he was convinced the best wood was not always to be found in the Shire and of course my mother also wanted the best materials for her tailored items. But there’s another hobbit who’s adventurous. Or at least I’m told he was. Have you ever heard of Bilbo Baggins? I have to be honest, I’ve never met him, but I heard that he’s journeyed far beyond the boundaries of the Shire and he’s met great folk and awful monsters!

So, when I read this story book, or journal, it seemed more and more likely that my fathers stories from the past might have some truth buried deep inside. And this got me thinking. Why would we Hobbits always stay in the Shire? I’ve always loved my father’s stories. I’ve even dreamed about journeys myself, filled with fantasy creatures and more! After I had read the entire book (I didn’t sleep anymore that night) I thought about it for a few days. Well, I thought about it for a week or so. It’s not something to be undertaken lightly, you know, a journey. Especially one that might take quite a long time. I had the feeling it might take a long time, since my parents had already been on a journey for several years now and I hadn’t seen or heard anything from them the last couple of years. Not even a postcard.

So…. I finally decided to take the step and go on a journey myself.  I’ve packed all my belongings, that is to say everything I’d like to keep. I’ve thrown away several things too. And I’ve left my dwelling for someone else to use. I suspect I can always get another home once I want to settle down after my journey.

I always thought that my mother had taken her book with her, but I found a big surprise when I was cleaning everything. I found it stashed somewhere behind her bed. I’ve read it and my suspicion that they’re not on an ordinary journey has been confirmed. The last entry that she made was:

All preparations have been made. I know we have to leave Sheherezi here at home, but I know that she’ll be doing fine. When the time comes, she will find this journal and she will understand that her father and I are not on a sales journey. we’ve got adventures ahead of us and we might never return here. But we’ll have a wonderful life ahead of us. Perhaps she will follow us one day and have a wonderful journey of her own.

– The end –

Can you imagine that? I’m not sure why she didn’t tell me. Perhaps it is because she thinks I would have objected, which I would have done indeed. Perhaps it’s because she thinks this is something that I had to discover myself. Whatever her reasons were, I’ll never know until I meet her again. I decided to take her journal with me, so that I’ll always have something of her with me. And she left me some good tips in her journal as well! So it always comes in handy.

My journal
There’s one friend, Ilse (she claims that she’s a chocoholic, addicted to chocolate, although I can’t imagine that, cause I haven’t seen any chocolate around, but that doesn’t matter.) I knew I could confide in, so I told her I was going to undertake this journey. She was excited for me and told me she’d always be with me in our dreams. She told me I could always write her a letter and that she’d keep them all. I think that’s so sweet! I told her I’d send her letters regularly. She asked me to write them as if they would be my journal, so that she could enjoy my journey from afar. I agreed to that.

She told me that she knew a few more people who would be interested in my stories and asked me if it was okay to send my letters to them as well. If she thinks they’re really interested, sure, why not? I’ve got nothing to hide 🙂

So, I’ll leave you with my letters. Perhaps they will inspire you to undertake your own journey. Have fun reading my stories!


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