Personal Turbine Points gained

At first I didn’t think it was possible to play Lotro truly as a free player. And, to be honest, I did pay 13 euro’s for one month of subscription, but that’s it. All the rest I’m going to do as a free player. I’m inspired by Crell who’s played Lotro from the start of Free to play Beta and he’s only paid $10 and has played for free ever since! I hope to be able to do the same.

This is an overview of the Turbine Points I‘ve earned so far on my first Free to Play account. I’ll list the quest (or other way how I got Turbine Points), how many times I’ve done the quest and how many points I’ve earned in total for the quests.

I’ve started playing Lord of the Rings Online at June 10th, 2011 and this is a record of everything since then. These are all based on my personal experiences. I know there are many more deeds with which you can earn free Turbine Points, but I’ve decided to only list those I’ve done personally.

A few things worth noting:
Currently I have 3 characters on my first free to play account. I also use characters on other servers to earn Turbine Points. If you’d like to know how many Turbine Points you can get per region (or other settings), please have a look here. There you’ll find the recent updates.

Total: 1790 (September 30th, 2012)

Non-deeds earned TP


Points earned

Subscription July 2012 500 TP
Won Points for submitting a Riddle to the Riddle Games 500 TP
Bonus points for missing Turbine Points from Completed Deed 25 TP

TP Earned with deeds

Quest Title

# Times

#Turbine Points earned

A little extra never hurts part 1 29 290
Wolf Slayer Shire 5 25
Life of a Bounder 1 10
Enmity of the Wolves 2 10
Enmity of the Spiders 1 5
Goblin Slayer Shire 2 10
Goblin Slayer Advanced Shire 2 20
The farms of the Shire 4 20
Known to the Mathom Society 1 5
Life of a Bounder Advanced 1 10
Life of a Bounder Final 1 15
The sights of the Shire 3 15
Slug Slayer 3 15
Slug Slayer Advanced 3 30
Spider Slayer Shire 3 15
Wolf Slayer Advanced Shire 4 40
Barbed Fury 1 5
Harvest-Fly Slayer Shire 2 10
Harvest-Fly Slayer Advanced Shire 2 20
Guardian’s Ward 1 5
Harasser 1 5
Reactive Block 1 5
Shield Expertise 1 5
Stinging Blow 1 5
Spider Slayer Advanced Shire 1 10
Brigand Slayer Shire 4 20
Brigand Slayer Advanced Shire 4 40
Shire Brew Master 1 5
Brigand Slayer Bree 2 10
Bree-land Adventurer 1 10
Barghest Slayer 1 5
Goblin Slayer Ered-Luin 1 5
Goblin Slayer Advanced Ered-Luin 1 10
Hendroval Slayer Ered-Luin 1 5
Wolf Slayer Ered-Luin 1 5
Wolf Slayer Advanced Ered-Luin 1 10
Brigand Slayer Ered-Luin 1 5
Brigand Slayer Advanced Ered-Luin 1 10
Ally of Ered-Luin 1 10
Defender of Ered-Luin 1 10
Hero of Ered-Luin 1 15
Scouting the Dourhands Ered-Luin 1 5
Elf-Ruins Exploration Ered-Luin 1 5
Places of the Dwarves Ered-Luin 1 5

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  1. You’re welcome 🙂 Glad I can help out!

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