Lotro Site & Game currently OFFLINE

Hey all,

I woke up to the news both the site and the game are currently OFFLINE. Turbine states it has nothing to do with Pando ceasing their bussiness:

At the moment there’s NO ETA as to when the servers nor the site will be online again:

I’ve been doing some reading on Twitter and it seems it’s entirely 3rd party related. We can only hope the third party (ies) solve this problem soon!


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20 comments on “Lotro Site & Game currently OFFLINE

  1. woohoo i am famous πŸ˜› anyways i am sure they are still propagating the routing information. they also have to do QA afterwards. the downtime of their web related content could be a byproduct of the the propagation or they took it down as a precaution.

    • Lol, happy to quote ya πŸ™‚
      Yeah. I just wish we’d get some news. But I guess they’ll give us news when they can give it to us πŸ™‚ I know Sapience only will give us news when he’s absolutely sure it’s correct πŸ™‚

  2. The question is do other big MMO’s have 3rd party issues like this?
    (I don’t play any others so don’t know…)
    Surely beggars the question how Turbine can let themselves be prone to these ‘internet’ issues…ultimately must be their responsibility?

    • I do wonder what the cause of these problems is. Is it a DDOS attack (I think Eve Online suffered from such an attack), or is it indeed, AGAIN, the routing problem? Or is it something entirely different?
      And what can/will they do about it?

      • if it was an attack, syn, udp, or a more focused attack, they did it wrong. you do not attack an isp or bandwidth supplier, their security is much stronger. if you were doing a data mine, you want to leave routing up so that you can extract the information. this is definitely a routing issue or something similar.

        there are no ways to prevent this. that is the thing that is the worst about it. you do everything you are supposed to do and more, and one little issue stops everything in it’s tracks.

        in this instance you need to cut turbine some slack!

        • Oh, I’ll cut them some slack πŸ™‚ Now worries there. I just hope they can solve the routing issue. And I hope they can somehow have the ISP (or whoever does the routing there) manages to solve the routing problem permanently.

    • world of warcraft have had similar issues with their patch days, resulting in 20+ hour downtimes only to patch up a day later and have more downtime. star wars galaxies was a constant member of the downtime club with numerous outages usually caused by a tech person not monitoring what they were supposed to be.

      outages are unavoidable, all you can do is wait for the issue to be resolved and go on business as usual!

      • ok I agree and I try not to blame turbine too much…


      • But this was no patch day, was it? I can imagine this kind of problems on patch days. Lotro has had similar problems with large patches/updates in the past.
        But I believe this is the second or third time they have a big outage like this due to a routing issue with their ISP (or whoever does the routing).
        They’re not getting the service they should be getting from whoever does the routing for for them. but that’s my humble, non-professional opinion πŸ˜€

  3. Reading up about routing: my head hurts…


    IS LOTRO a/utilise supernetwork?

    A supernetwork, or supernet, is an Internet Protocol (IP) network that is formed from the combination of two or more networks (or subnets) with a common Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) prefix. The new routing prefix for the combined network aggregates the prefixes of the constituent networks. It must not contain other prefixes of networks that do not lie in the same routing path. The process of forming a supernet is often called supernetting, prefix aggregation, route aggregation, or route summarization.
    Supernetting within the Internet serves as a preventive strategy to avoid topological fragmentation of the IP address space by using a hierarchical allocation system that delegates control of segments of address space to regional network service providers.[1] This method facilitates regional route aggregation.
    The benefits of supernetting are conservation of address space and efficiencies gained in routers in terms of memory storage of route information and processing overhead when matching routes. Supernetting, however, is not without risks.[2]

    has convergence been broken?

    Convergence is an important notion for a set of routers that engage in dynamic routing; All Interior Gateway Protocols rely on convergence to function properly. To have converged it is the normal state of an operational autonomous system. The Exterior Gateway Routing Protocol BGP typically never converges because the Internet is too big for changes to be communicated fast enough.

    Does anyone know? Can explain?

    Will it be fixed soon?

    • it makes your eyeballs bleed. most of this information changes with the different generations of internet protocol and the way networking is implemented. without knowing details of turbines third party datacenter i would be able to give no information as to what type of setup they employ.

      • For a basic explanation of how a MMO routes its internet ‘traffic’ where should I look? Can you point me in any direction?

        The more I search the more omni directional my answers…

  4. OMG: scalable MMOG networking architecture based on hierarchical multi-grid geographical routing that is well suited for MMOG networks. We present our concept and design of hierarchical geometrical routing based on locality sensitive hashing, demonstrate its performance, and discuss both the strengths and shortcomings of our approach.

    I think I will stick to my day job: English language needs to be checked…

  5. I was on line with several kins yesterday when it suddenly froze. Prior to that, anyone who was not logged in, was unable to log in. This is a serious blow for Turbine’s credibility – to have it go down on a holiday (in the U.S.). How many times can they basically shut down the game and the players look elsewhere? This is very sad.

    • It is unfortunate indeed. But apparently the problem is not on Turbine’s side itself, but rather on the ISP (or whoever takes care of the routing).
      Right now the routing seems to be the BIG issue and the cause of the problems. All we can hope for is that Turbine will be back online soon. I understand DDO and other games are offline as well…

      • If it’s their “vendor,” as they keep reporting, then perhaps they need a better one. I look back on those 3 days when we had no LOTRO before, and now this. People are going to start migrating to other games if these things keep happening, especially on people’s days off. It makes me sad and I can only see this hurting the census on all the servers permanently.

  6. Than the Valar, the servers are working again!

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