News about Helm’s Deep: 20 Questions about Big Battles in Helm’s Deep

Earlier I told you the next Q & A with the Developers would answer something about Helm’s Deep. Well, as it turns out it’s pretty much all about Helm’s Deep. But it’s all focused on the Big Battles. Although, I’m nowhere near level 85 and the new level cap will become 95, it turns out […]

Crafting: Becoming a Forester

Errr, hi, welcome to Middle-Earth, I guess. Err, yes, so, er, Chocoholic asked me to tell you all I know about Forestry. Chocoholic said Rosangiya did such a great job with her Farmer guides for apprentices that she needed someone to make a forester guide as well. She did, you know, do a great job. […]

Multi-acounts & Multi-box in Lotro: Morally okay or not?

A discussion about the morality of Multi-accounting and multi-boxing in Lotro

My.Lotro guides are backed up

Hey all, Well, it’s done. I’ve made a backup (PDF file) off all the player created guides on My.Lotro. Or at least the ones I wanted to keep for reference.  Here’s an overview of all the post in which I’ve listed all the guides I’ve kept: Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part […]

Hobbit Presents

Hobbit Presents May 20th

Hey all, Like I said earlier, I have been busy with changing the layout on the site. I hope I’ll be able to make  a nice screenshot tomorrow. But that’s something for tomorrow. Right now I’ve got the Hobbit Presents list of today! Character Level & Class Other Possible Presents Present Received Arwiyaeth 15 – […]